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through AI Quizzes

A platform for all the Trivia lovers to play & win exciting prizes
across multiple devices

Host Quizzes

Host & manage vernacular and localised quizzes in your app through our AI powered quiz platform.

Engage Users

Engage users through fun quiz contests on your brand relevant, hot trending topics & Reward them.

Generate Revenues

Generate income by hosting competitive quiz contests, offering VAS and/ or subscription services.


Variety of Topics


Question generated by AI


Trivia Gamers worldwide


Gamification market size

Dual-layered AI & Compliance Engine

Quizmatch offers a sophisticated two-tiered system ensuring market specific cultural sensitivity, compliance and relevance.

Immediate AI Review for cultural relevance and sensitivity: Once content is sourced, it undergoes an instant market specific AI assessment.

Market specific curation & compliance check: Before launching in a country, an AI backed market specific curation and compliance check is performed.

Platform Features

Supercharge your user engagement by leveraging the power of quizzes and gamification.

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